• The memorabilia (Postage, coins, currencies, tokens, photographs) in this portal are released by the different countries to commemorate and to pay tribute to Gandhiji.
  • Using these memorabilia in this portal is not for any business or profit or income purposes. It is an effort to pay tribute to our Gandhiji and his path of non-violence. Although his fame is well spread in and out of this Universe, you can treat this is an additional effort of mine. I hope this site will help some or other way to the students or the persons who want to know about Gandhiji in brief.
  • The teachings of Gandhiji, love, non-violence, equality, truth and brotherhood should be known and to be followed by the younger generation and the people of forth coming generations. For this sake of good idea, this portal is being carried out the efforts to bring a portal wholly about Gandhiji.
  • The information, news, memorabilia etc are stretch over length and breadth of this world. My desire is to accumulate and assemble the details in one portal and that should be helpful to the people who seek the Gandhiji. I hope, these details and particulars in this portal may satisfy the desire of the seeker in some or other way. The Gandhian thoughts should be inculcated among the children of this world. For this simple reason I come out with this portal, having all details about Gandhiji.
  • The information or details of this portal might be very less in the sense of quantity when comparing to others. But the quality is maintained in selecting details and information about Gandhiji. If you have some sort of information or memorabilia about Gandhiji please share with me that might be a booster for me and the improvement of this site.
  • In this present world scenerio Gandhiji is needed immensely. If the younger generation follows the ideals of Gandhiji, the world will bloom. This is my humble opinion. Using Gandhian memorabilia to the reach of kids by the way of exhibitions, they may understand the Gandhi in full and that may be beneficial for their development. By this way a stronger society good in all ways will emerge.


           I should say ‘thanks’ to my family, who are very helpful to me in all my steps and attempts in making the portal successful. In spite of hectic works in my office, the management allowed me to fulfill my dream project of bringing the portal. I should say thanks to my office people. And the good souls, friends, relatives, those who sold memorabilia, and who gave their collections to me. And more, I should say my humble thanks to the media people who made known my works to the world.   


  • The items in the portal such as postage stamps, coins, currencies, tokens, photographs, old newspapers, telephone card, envelopes and other types of memorable things are all collected by my own (except some).
  • If you find any mistakes or wrongs in the portal, kindly inform me and not forget to write your comments in the feedback column, that might be very useful to the enlistment of this portal and it’s growth. Please visit this site often, because the details are being updated frequently.
  • These collections and the information are all the steps to admire the Gandhiji and his ideals not for any monetary benefits, all should kindly note this.
  • If you want to conduct exhibitions about Gandhiji in your locality or in your school, I am obliged very much to come forward to conduct the exhibitions.