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Gandhiji's Postage Stamps

World countries, more than 100 nations, A to Z (Antiqua to Zambia) released postage stamps depicting Gandhiji’s photos. This is a great gesture not given to any other world leaders other than our own Gandhi.

Interesting facts of Gandhiji stamps.

  • There are 300 postages have been released about Gandhiji in the countries of World, other than India.
  • The first nation other than India, released postage stamps to Gandhiji was United States, in the year of 1961, January 26. The second country is Congo in the year of 1967.
  • The year of 1969 was Gandhiji’s centenary celebration, the give emphasis to this day, more than 40 countries released postage stamps of and on Gandiji.
  • The first country released post card for Gandiji was Poland.
  • The first country other than India released remembrance envelope about Gandhiji was Romania.
  • The country firstly released post mark to admire Gandhiji is Myanmar (formerly Burma). Other countries were Czechoslovakia and Luxumberg.
  • One of the part of Gandhiji centenary celebration, the countries of Bhutan (2 postages) and Somalia (3 postages) released 5 stamps, that are all printed at Nasic, Maharastra, India.
  • On the birth anniversary of Gandhiji, the UN announced October 2 is the day off Non-violence. And more, it released postage on 2009 in the honor of Gandhiji.
  • In India, the first postage stamp on Gandhiji was considered to release on his 80th birth day. For this, 4 types of stamps drafted. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru took keen interest in this. Unfortunately, Gandhiji was assassinated 8 months before his 80th anniversary. That postage was released on the day of Independence day in 1948.
  • The leader who worked hard for the development of India and a great Sudesi, whose first postage stamp was printed at Switzerland. From 1925 to till the date, the one and only Indian postage stamp printed outside India is this only. In this year of 1948, the currency and postage stamp printing facility came in to existence in Nasic.
  • Governor General C.Rajagopalachary wished to use Gandhian postage stamps in his official correspondence. After this, the stamps used in the official capacity were imprinted ‘Service’ and used by the officials all over India.
  • Of this ‘Service’ stamps in the denomination of Rs.10 was the very small number of postage stamps printed in the world. Only 100 postage stamps were printed. These are all treated in India as rare postage stamps.
  • In India, more than 48 stamps and 200 postal envelops having special emblems were released in the honor of Mahatma Gandhiji.

The photographs of stamps released in India and abroad are shown here for you to know the superior qualities of Gandhiji.